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Welcome to Your Online Painting and Sculpting Community

Whether your here to learn, or to connect, you have just reached your new favorite artist community. Come on in and check out our painting and sculpting tutorials section. Or if you're looking for some help and support with your painting or sculpture, visit our community forums, and chat with your fellow artists and request a critique. Share your works of art with the world in our user galleries section, where you can create your online portfolio and comment on others works. We are here for you to learn, improve, and share your painting and sculpting skills.


Featured Painting Tutorial:
figure painting tutorialFigure Painting Tutorial:

This tutorial will give you a complete understanding of how this painting was created from start to finish. There is nothing new about this process; many of the old masters used this same process of painting in layers. This may be an old technique, but everyone approaches it differently... Read More
Featured Sculpting Tutorial:
Cave Troll Sculpture Tutorial:

This tutorial will walk you through how this cave troll sculpture was created from the armature to finished sculpt. We will also cover the basics of working with Super Sculpey and Primo... Read More

Featured articles:
There are no mistakes in art… Oh, Really?
The age old statement that “there are no mistakes in art” is widely misunderstood. The statement is true from certain perspectives but not in the manner that most people use it... Read More

Art is not magic- It’s a Learned Skill
Many people are under the false assumption that art is a gift that people are born with. Like some magical power that they wield, and command... Read More

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